Time for a new beginning

“Valerie, you have two choices. You are at a crossroad; on the right side is our company and on the left is photography, writing and presenting… You have to choose. What do you choose? What makes you the happiest?” 

“The left side”

“Then we are going to help you with that”. 

And that’s how my contract ended at a yacht supplying company. Don’t get me wrong, this was the most positive way of ending a contract. The owners of the company are all about following their passions and clearly supplying yachts is not my passion.  So, now I’m choosing my own happiness and wellbeing. I am scared and nervous. But I am also feeling excited and happy that I am going to do what I love the most. 

From now on you will see me more often on social media to promote my business as well as a new upcoming project I have been working on for the past three months. You can expect: blog posts, articles, youtube videos, instagram posts… etc. It is going to be an exciting new journey and I am so happy to share it all with you. 

Bring it on.

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