Looking for starting Dutch/international freelancers and creative business owners for an unnamed English spoken and written crossmedia co-branding project.

A fun way to expand you portfolio!

Sometimes you get an idea and feel so incredibly passionate and excited about it, that you feel like you would regret it if you did not even try…

For the past few months I have been working hard on a concept for a co-branding project. The thing is… I don’t know people who would like to collaborate on this project. The idea is to create a variety show with a small group of starting creative freelancers/business owners. We will work together on the show, social media and website to promote the project and our own businesses.

So, are you into variety shows, talkshows and a bit of reality? And also would like to participate in the variety show? Please send me a message! Currently looking for people with the following backgrounds:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Social media manager
  • Producer
  • Any other positions which you think might fit.

If you want to know more about this project, please feel free to contact me! We can meet-up for a coffee and talk about it. Or I can give you my phone-number and we can talk about it on the phone! Below is some more information about me and why I decided to create this project.

You can send an e-mail to:

Or send a DM on Instagram to: @valerie.emily

About me:

Hi! I am Valerie van Wijk, 24 years old and the owner of Valerie Emily Media. I am a freelance writer, photographer and videographer and I have (finally!) decided to follow my passions and ambitions. Being creative is something that makes me happy and I would love to make a living out of it. But right now I do not have a portfolio to show to possible clients. And I realized I am probably not the only one who has this issue. So, after some thinking, I had this amazing idea to create a collaborative project with other like-minded people. I have been heavily researching into co-branding and personal branding. Both are incredible ways to get attraction to businesses. As a business you need to find a way to stand out. Especially in the world of freelancing. I believe this project stands out.

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