The project: A more detailed explanation

A month ago I announced the project I have been working on since October. I wish that I could say it is working out perfectly, but I would be lying if I said that is the case. I think I should give you a more detailed explanation about this project, because it is actually a very big and fun project. I’m still looking for young professionals, so hit me up if this project fits your image!  

The project is meant to create more exposure to clients and followers. Through showing our passions and talents not only on Youtube, but on other social media channels as well, we’re trying to attract clients. It is a unique chance to show what you can do and it is also a concept that is not seen before: a group of strangers all with the same passions for creative content creation show their talents and inspire other creative business owners to just go for it.

The Youtube channel/Variety
The idea of the Youtube channel/variety show is to show our personalities to future clients. I have a few fun ideas for the project. Think about following a cooking class, scavenger hunts or an adult easter egg hunt as well as episodes to show our content creation skills, like testimonials or photo-/video shoots.

Social Media
After doing a lot of research on personal branding, one quote stood out: “If people like you, they want to be friends with you. But if they trust you they want to work with you”. Through the variety show you can get people to like you (hopefully). But how do you earn that much needed trust to get clients? If we combine the variety show with an active social media presence, I think you can. Together we need to figure out which social media we should be using. 

The goal of this project is to gain social media exposure and trust from followers and clients. And sharing our passions and motivations of working in content creation. One thing that is not mentioned before is having fun. It is a project that is supposed to get you out of your comfort zone. 

I can talk about this project for hours and hours, but I still want to be a little vague about it. I do not want to ruin the surprise… If you even have a small interest in participating in this project, feel free to contact me! We can discuss it over the phone or we can meet up for a coffee or a tea.

For obvious reasons I will not share my phone number in this blogpost. You can contact me through mail and Instagram first. 



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